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Apply Now for Student Grants

GRASS GIS Student Grants

We would like to announce a unique paid opportunity for students to contribute to GRASS GIS! GRASS GIS will offer a number of student grants for projects that include development of GRASS documentation, tests, new features or geospatial tools and bug fixing. Check the suggested topics on the Student Grant wiki.

Why to apply?

Experience: Gain hands-on experience in a thriving open-source community.
Mentorship: Work alongside experienced developers who will guide you throughout your journey.
Contribution: Your work will directly enhance the functionality and accessibility of GRASS GIS for users worldwide.
Stipend: Get up to 1000 USD.

How to apply?

Express your interest in applying through the current GRASS community channels and identify a topic matching your interest. Look for ways to contribute to GRASS GIS that are related to the selected topic and submit a pull request to demonstrate your skills. Draft a proposal and share it to get feedback. For details and eligibility rules, check the wiki.

Other opportunities to connect with GRASS developers

Do you use or plan to use GRASS GIS in your own research project and you would like to get advice and support from GRASS developers? Check out the recently announced development-oriented GRASS Mentorship Program, that connects you with a GRASS developer to help you integrate GRASS GIS into your workflows.

Vaclav (Vashek) Petras (North Carolina State University),
Anna Petrasova (North Carolina State University)